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UK-China Relations in the Cold After Taiwan Visit and Other Provocations

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China strongly condemns the visit of a "Labor Friends of Taiwan" delegation to Taiwan, viewing it as a violation of the one-China principle and interference in its internal affairs. The visit, which follows accusations of cyberespionage and criticism of China's actions in Hong Kong and the South China Sea, is seen as a political maneuver by British politicians seeking to create bargaining chips.

The Chinese Embassy in the UK has expressed strong condemnation and urged British politicians to cease violating the one-China principle. The delegation, led by Lord Sonny Leong, is scheduled to meet with Taiwan's leader, Tsai Ing-wen, and discuss trade, business, and technology innovation.

The visit coincides with warnings from British Foreign Secretary David Cameron about a potential Chinese blockade of Taiwan and allegations of Chinese cyberattacks on British institutions. The UK has imposed sanctions on Chinese individuals and a company in response.

Chinese experts believe that the UK lacks the strength and will to interfere in China's Taiwan and South China Sea affairs, and that its actions are merely symbolic. They note that the Taiwan question is a sensitive red line for China, and that the UK is unlikely to risk its diplomatic interests by crossing it.

Despite the UK's stated desire to engage with China, some experts believe that the relationship will remain chilly this year due to the UK's negative actions. They suggest that the UK may prioritize other foreign policy issues, such as relations with the US and Europe, over its relationship with China.

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