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Enhancing Global Security and Maintaining Peaceful Development

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China's moderate defense budget increase aims to enhance its military's contributions to global security, according to military spokesman Senior Colonel Wu Qian. Wu emphasized that China's military policies are defensive and that the country remains committed to a peaceful development path.

The increased funding will enable the Chinese military to strengthen its combat training, improve its integrated national strategic system, and accelerate the development of advanced defense technologies and weapon systems. Additionally, it will support the ongoing military reform and enhance the living conditions of military personnel.

Wu noted that China's defense expenditure is transparent and reasonable, and that the country actively participates in the United Nations' mechanism for transparency on military expenditure. He highlighted that China's defense spending is significantly lower than that of other military powers, both in terms of its share in GDP and per capita cost.

Despite facing complex geopolitical challenges and uncertainties in its security situation, China's military remains committed to safeguarding the country's sovereignty and interests while contributing to global peace and stability. The increased defense budget reflects China's commitment to maintaining a strong and capable military that can effectively fulfill its responsibilities.

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