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Hydrologic Expert Warns of Intense Flood Season Amid Droughts in China

Main image to the post Hydrologic Expert Warns of Intense Flood Season Amid Droughts in China

According to a hydrology expert, this year's flood season in China will see a convergence of droughts and floods, with floods expected to dominate. The expert mentioned that the seven major rivers in China might encounter varying degrees of rainstorms and flooding, posing the risk of intermittent droughts in certain regions.

In response to the forecasted flood situation, the Ministry of Water Resources has set forth guidelines for flood readiness, emergency response, and defense strategies. An official from the ministry's flood and drought prevention department highlighted the importance of managing water conservancy projects cohesively to strengthen flood control efforts and ensure reservoir safety during the flood season.

To bolster flood prevention measures, the ministry plans to intensify patrols, inspections, and safeguards at reservoirs. Additionally, they aim to optimize monitoring and early warning systems while establishing a responsive mechanism to ensure the safety of the public. Despite the country's average precipitation remaining similar to a typical year, some major rivers have experienced significantly lower water inflows in certain areas compared to normal levels.

Traditionally, South China faces a flood season from April to October, while North China experiences it from June to September. This year's unique weather conditions create a challenging scenario where preparedness and proactive measures are crucial to mitigate the impact of potential floods and droughts in the region.

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