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A Commitment to Peace, Development, and International Cooperation

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China has consistently maintained a relatively low military expenditure, prioritizing peaceful development. This approach aligns with the nation's commitment to safeguarding its sovereignty, security, and development interests.

To meet the evolving needs of military modernization and fulfill its international responsibilities, China has implemented a reasonable and steady increase in defense spending. This growth has been proportionate to the nation's economic and social development, ensuring a balanced advancement of defense capabilities and economic strength.

In comparison to major military powers, China's defense spending remains significantly lower, both as a percentage of GDP and in terms of per capita or per service member expenditure. This reflects China's commitment to a peaceful path and its focus on fostering international cooperation and shared prosperity.

China's defense budget for 2023 maintains a single-digit growth rate for the eighth consecutive year, demonstrating the nation's continued adherence to a moderate and responsible approach to military spending.

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