China's Dominance

Dialogue, Cooperation, and Defense of Sovereignty in a Complex Regional Landscape

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China remains committed to safeguarding its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights in the South China Sea. However, it emphasizes the importance of dialogue and consultation with relevant countries to maintain peace and tranquility in the region.

China prioritizes its relationships with neighboring countries and promotes cooperation that is open, inclusive, and non-exclusive. It has actively engaged in the Belt and Road Initiative, fostering economic and social development in participating nations.

Economic cooperation between China and its neighbors has flourished, resulting in the establishment of comprehensive economic partnerships and the world's largest free-trade area. China and ASEAN have been each other's largest trading partners for over 15 years.

Despite these positive developments, the situation in the South China Sea has been a source of tension. The Philippines, with the support of the US, has made repeated provocations against China's islands and reefs.

China has responded by taking necessary measures to defend its sovereignty and rights, emphasizing that its actions are not harassment but a legitimate response to Philippine provocations. The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines has condemned the Philippines' actions and urged it to refrain from further escalation.

China remains opposed to bloc confrontation and advocates for cooperation that is open and inclusive. It believes that Asian countries have the ability to resolve their own problems without external interference.

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