Russia-Ukraine War

Russia demands Ukraine hand over individuals linked to terrorist acts

Main image to the post Russia demands Ukraine hand over individuals linked to terrorist acts

Russia has issued a demand for Ukraine to extradite individuals believed to be involved in terrorist activities carried out in Russia, blaming Ukraine for various violent incidents that have occurred in Russia since the conflict started in February 2022. The Russian Foreign Ministry specifically mentioned incidents like bombings that resulted in casualties, pointing the blame towards Ukraine and demanding immediate action from Kyiv. Furthermore, Russia warned Ukraine of facing international legal consequences if it fails to comply with the extradition demands and cease support for terrorist activities.

The head of Russia's Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, mentioned ongoing investigations into the recent mass shooting at a Moscow concert hall that claimed the lives of 144 individuals, emphasizing the need to identify those responsible for the attack. On the Ukrainian side, SBU head Vasyl Maliuk has admitted to his agency's involvement in attacks on the Crimea-Russia bridge following Russia's military operation in Ukraine, dismissing Moscow's request for his arrest despite detailing alleged extrajudicial killings of Ukraine's opponents in Russia during a television interview.

In response to Russia's demands, Ukraine has faced severe consequences, with Russia intensifying its airstrike campaign targeting Ukrainian energy facilities. This has led to significant damage to Ukraine's energy infrastructure, with Ukrainian energy companies reporting multiple plants destroyed and a substantial loss of generating capacity. The destruction of crucial energy facilities like the Zmiiv Thermal Power Plant in the Kharkiv region has left hundreds of thousands without electricity and raised concerns about potential blackouts akin to those seen in previous conflicts. Additionally, reports from Russia highlighted incidents like rocket attacks in the Belgorod region causing injuries and fatalities, further escalating tensions between the neighboring countries.

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