Russia-Ukraine War

Russian Long-range Cruise Missile Briefly Enters Polish Airspace Amid Ongoing Attacks on Ukraine

Main image to the post Russian Long-range Cruise Missile Briefly Enters Polish Airspace Amid Ongoing Attacks on Ukraine

Amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a Russian long-range cruise missile breached Polish airspace on its way to western Ukraine. The missile, with a speed of nearly 500 mph, entered Polish territory for a short period, triggering the activation of Polish and allied aviation as the country took measures to protect its airspace.

The attack on Ukraine by Russia escalated with a series of missile and drone strikes, resulting in power outages and loss of life. The incident involving the Russian missile breaching Polish airspace highlighted the potential for the conflict to widen, especially with NATO-member Poland being directly affected by such events.

As tensions increased, Poland's Foreign Affairs Ministry condemned the violation of its airspace by the Russian missile and called for an end to the air attacks on Ukraine. In response to the breach, Polish and allied aircraft were activated, causing an increase in noise levels in certain regions of the country as air defense measures were implemented. Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials reported downing a significant number of cruise missiles and drones involved in the attacks.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09