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The Unraveling of a Utah Family Vlogging Empire and the Alleged Role of a Shadowy Figure

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Ruby Franke, a Utah family vlogger, and her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, were convicted of child abuse. Kevin Franke, Ruby's estranged husband, alleged that Hildebrandt exhibited signs of possession, including speaking in different voices and claiming to be possessed by Satan.

Kevin Franke, who has not been charged with any crimes, witnessed Hildebrandt's alleged possession and became her "resident exorcist." He described strange occurrences in his home, such as lights turning on and off, footsteps on walls, and objects floating.

Kevin Franke's timeline of events reveals that he and Ruby Franke became involved with Hildebrandt's life-coaching service, ConneXions, in 2020. Hildebrandt allegedly began experiencing paranormal disturbances in March 2021 and sought help from Ruby Franke. Kevin Franke initially resisted but eventually agreed to take Hildebrandt into their home.

As Hildebrandt's influence grew, Kevin Franke became suspicious of her intentions. He claimed that Ruby Franke began experiencing trances and locking herself in a room with Hildebrandt for hours. He also alleged that Hildebrandt became the "arbiter of truth" and controlled access to Ruby Franke.

Kevin Franke's separation from Ruby Franke in July 2022 was reportedly influenced by Hildebrandt's influence. He described the subsequent period as "psychological hell," with his access to his home and family contingent on Hildebrandt's approval.

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