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Study Finds Latino and Black Fathers Underestimate Sons' Sexual Activity

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A recent study delved into the perceptions of Latino and Black fathers regarding their teenage sons' sexual behavior and the guidance they provide on safe sex practices. The research, conducted in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx, involved surveying 191 Latino and Black teenagers aged 15 to 19 as well as their fathers to understand the dynamics of sexual education within these communities. The study revealed that many fathers tended to underestimate their sons' sexual readiness, considering factors like age and other markers of maturity before providing guidance on condom use.

Lead researcher Vincent Guilamo-Ramos emphasized the importance of preemptive safe sex education by health care providers, urging families to start discussions well before fathers perceive their sons as being ready for sexual activity. Despite a decrease in adolescent sexual activity over the past decade, there has been a decline in condom usage, leading to an increase in sexually transmitted infections among young men and unplanned pregnancies among teenagers. In Black and Latino communities, particularly, disproportionately affected by HIV, parental involvement in sexual education has been shown to be effective in promoting safer sexual behavior among adolescents.

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