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China Urges Philippines to Stop Provocative Actions in South China Sea

Main image to the post China Urges Philippines to Stop Provocative Actions in South China Sea

China's Ministry of National Defense has spoken out against the Philippines, calling for an end to all infringements and provocative actions in the South China Sea, specifically around Ren'ai Reef. Ministry spokesman Senior Colonel Wu Qian highlighted an incident where Philippine ships illegally entered waters adjacent to Ren'ai Reef, leading to interceptions by the China Coast Guard to protect its territory.

According to Wu Qian, the Philippines attempted to transport supplies and construction materials to a military vessel grounded on Ren'ai Reef back in 1999. China's response was described as standard, reasonable, lawful, and professional in dealing with the situation provoked by the Philippines. China Coast Guard spokesman Gan Yu condemned the Philippines for breaking a pledge to respect China's territorial waters and reiterated China's commitment to safeguarding its sovereignty and maritime rights.

The Chinese officials emphasized that their country holds indisputable sovereignty over the Nansha islands, including Ren'ai Reef. They expressed a willingness to resolve disputes through dialogue and negotiation but warned the Philippines against escalating tensions and encroaching on Chinese territory. China made it clear that it will firmly defend its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights against any challenges posed by the Philippines.

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