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Lin Jian, 34th Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Makes Debut

Main image to the post Lin Jian, 34th Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Makes Debut

Lin Jian, who is 47 years old, recently took on the role of the 34th spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry and made his first appearance at the daily news conference held on Monday. Lin expressed his commitment to providing timely and accurate explanations of China's foreign policy and diplomatic practices while emphasizing his dedication to open communication and collaboration to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between China and other countries.

The Foreign Ministry in China introduced the system of having spokespersons in 1983, which was a pioneering step at that time and remains a unique practice within the Chinese government. One distinctive aspect is that the Foreign Ministry conducts routine news briefings on every working day, providing transparency and information to the public. Lin's journey in the Foreign Ministry began after he graduated with a major in English from Beijing Foreign Studies University, where he was later selected by the ministry to study in Denmark. Afterwards, Lin served in the political department at the Chinese embassy in Copenhagen before transitioning to a role as a political counselor at the Chinese embassy in Warsaw, Poland. Coming back to China, Lin assumed the position of a counselor at the Foreign Ministry's European affairs department before eventually becoming the head of the foreign affairs office of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps prior to his current role as spokesperson.

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