Minimally Invasive Tumor Treatment with Radioactive Iodine Proves Successful

Main image to the post Minimally Invasive Tumor Treatment with Radioactive Iodine Proves Successful

A groundbreaking medical procedure was recently performed at a hospital in Chongqing, utilizing radioactive iodine to eliminate a tumor within a patient's body. This minimally invasive approach significantly reduced the patient's surgical side effects and accelerated their recovery.

The procedure involved implanting radioactive iodine-125 into the tumor, which emitted low-energy radiation that selectively targeted and destroyed the tumor cells. This approach preserved the surrounding healthy tissues, minimizing damage.

The patient, a woman in her late 50s, had undergone previous cancer surgery but experienced a recurrence of cervical cancer with liver metastasis. The medical team, led by Dr. Ma Jungang, employed a 3D-printed template and real-time CT imaging to guide the precise placement of the iodine-125 isotope.

Compared to traditional tumor surgery, this innovative technique offered several advantages. It was less invasive, more precise, and minimized damage to adjacent tissues. Additionally, the procedure was relatively quick and yielded immediate results, allowing for a shorter hospital stay.

The medical team emphasized that the procedure posed no long-term radiation safety risks to the patient, her family, or the public. However, the patient was advised to follow personal radiation protection measures, such as wearing lead clothing, for a temporary period. The radiation emitted by the iodine-125 isotope typically decays completely within 200 days.

This technique has been utilized in China for nearly 15 years to treat cancer patients who are not suitable for surgery or have metastatic tumors that have become resistant to conventional treatments. The procedure typically requires two doctors and takes only one to three hours to complete.

In the case of the patient treated in Chongqing, her condition has stabilized, and her liver disease symptoms have largely subsided.

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