China's Tiered Diagnosis and Treatment System Improves Healthcare Accessibility and Efficiency

Main image to the post China's Tiered Diagnosis and Treatment System Improves Healthcare Accessibility and Efficiency

China's primary-level medical institutions, including community health centers and township and village clinics, now handle over half of the country's medical visits. This progress is part of China's efforts to establish a tiered diagnosis and treatment system.

Under this system, medical institutions at the county level and below are responsible for treating common and frequently occurring diseases. This allows patients to receive basic medical care closer to home, reducing the burden on higher-level hospitals.

The tiered system classifies diseases based on their priority and difficulty of treatment. This classification guides medical institutions at different levels to treat specific diseases appropriately.

China plans to further encourage patients to seek basic medical care at primary-level institutions. These institutions will also be strengthened to identify complex diseases and refer patients to higher-level hospitals when necessary.

By implementing these measures, China aims to ensure that common and frequently occurring diseases are diagnosed and treated effectively at the appropriate level, improving overall healthcare accessibility and efficiency.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09