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Jiahui Health Celebrates International Doctors' Day with Blood Donation Event

Main image to the post Jiahui Health Celebrates International Doctors' Day with Blood Donation Event

In celebration of International Doctors' Day, Jiahui Health organized a blood donation event in partnership with the Xuhui District Blood Management Office, Hongmei subdistrict, and Shanghai Shenhua Football Club at Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital. The hospital, which caters to over 500,000 patients annually from both local and international backgrounds, experiences a significant demand for blood transfusions, with up to 37 percent of inpatients requiring this support during peak periods. This ongoing need has spurred the hospital to host blood donation events for six consecutive years, reinforcing its commitment to providing comprehensive medical care.

Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital's Chairman of the surgery department, Li Jun, was one of the first donors at the blood donation event, marking his third time contributing. As a medical professional, Li emphasized the critical role blood supplies play in surgical operations and patient care, expressing his pride in actively participating in blood donation activities to support their commitment to excellence in healthcare services. Additionally, Shanghai Shenhua Football Club, a strategic partner of Jiahui Health, rallied nearly 100 soccer fans to join in the blood donation, showcasing their support for this vital cause.

Earlier this year, Jiahui Health solidified its partnership with Shanghai Shenhua Football Club by becoming the official medical partner, providing a range of medical services such as health management, sports injury prevention, and emergency care to all players, coaches, and staff. This collaboration highlights the hospital's dedication to not only delivering high-quality medical care to its patients but also extending its expertise to support the health and well-being of athletes in the sports community.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09