China Ups Efforts to Improve Care for High-Risk Pregnancies and Birth Defect Screenings

Main image to the post China Ups Efforts to Improve Care for High-Risk Pregnancies and Birth Defect Screenings

China has been making significant advancements in treating high-risk pregnancies and enhancing screenings for congenital birth defects. The National Health Commission reported that the country is addressing the growing trend of older mothers and an emphasis on providing quality care for newborns. The shift is attributed to more women choosing to have babies later in life and changes in China's family planning policies.

The average age of women getting married has increased from 22 years old in the 1980s to 26.3 in 2020, leading to women giving birth at a later age, with the average age for first-time mothers being 27.2. In response to these demographic changes, China recently allowed all married couples to have up to three children, while also successfully reducing maternal and infant mortality rates.

Efforts are being intensified to conduct pregnancy risk assessments, categorize pregnant women based on their risk levels, and develop personalized treatment plans for those in critical conditions. The establishment of over 3,500 treatment centers for seriously ill pregnant women and 3,320 centers for infants in critical condition across the nation has formed a comprehensive healthcare network for pregnant women and newborns.

China's focus on preventing birth defects has resulted in a significant decrease in infant mortality due to birth defects and in children under the age of 5. The emphasis on early examinations and interventions, along with nationwide screenings, has contributed to improved detection and treatment of genetic metabolic diseases and hearing impairments in newborns. Additionally, efforts are being made to boost rehabilitation services to promote the health of children born with birth defects.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09