Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

US Arms Package for Israel Draws Criticism Amidst Conflict

Main image to the post US Arms Package for Israel Draws Criticism Amidst Conflict

Amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Biden Administration's authorization of a multi-billion dollar arms package for Israel has sparked significant criticism from some politicians.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders denounced the move as "obscene," arguing that the US cannot simultaneously implore Israel to cease civilian bombings and provide them with additional weapons capable of leveling entire city blocks. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley echoed these sentiments, condemning the decision as "wrong on every level."

The arms package includes over 1,800 2,000-pound MK84 bombs and 500 500-pound MK82 bombs. These bombs possess the destructive power to penetrate thick metal or concrete, posing a grave threat to civilians in the densely populated Gaza Strip.

An analysis by The New York Times revealed that Israel frequently employed these bombs to strike targets in designated safe zones in Gaza during the early stages of the conflict. The MK82 bomb, a common air-dropped bomb, is also included in the package.

Despite the criticism, some Republicans and Democrats remain steadfast in their opposition to any conditions on US military support for Israel. They argue that the US has a moral obligation to stand with its allies in the face of attacks and that doing so aligns with American interests.

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