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Concerns, Cautions, and the Future of Human Storytelling in the Creator Economy

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At the "Snap Sanctuary" event hosted by Snapchat at the SXSW conference, concerns were raised about the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on human creativity. Travel creator Jessica Morrobel expressed worries that AI could replace the need for human creators, as it has the ability to generate content based on images and likenesses.

Despite the emergence of generative-AI tools designed for creators, concerns about accuracy, bias, and creativity have led some to reduce their usage or avoid it altogether. Noah Jennings, a web designer and creator, found that using generative AI for creative tasks often proved more time-consuming than coming up with concepts himself. Marina Mogilko, a popular education YouTuber, only uses a small percentage of the content generated by AI tools.

Creators who extensively use existing AI tools tend to do so for repetitive tasks rather than replacing the creative elements of their work. Lifestyle creator Joseph Arujo uses ChatGPT to format emails and create backdrops, while educational content publisher Cherie Luo uses it to transcribe and summarize podcasts. UGC creator Salha Aziz uses AI for scriptwriting but remains cautious about its overuse to avoid sounding robotic.

The launch of OpenAI's text-to-video generator, Sora, has caused alarm in the entertainment industry. Actor and producer even halted a planned studio expansion due to its potential impact. Creators like Tristan Tales and Alex Piper expressed concerns about how Sora could eliminate crew roles and reduce overall staff.

However, creator-economy insiders believe that AI is unlikely to replace the human capacity for complex storytelling. Education creator Kahlil Greene highlighted the potential for AI to reflect existing biases, particularly in marginalized communities. Travel creator Nneya Richards raised concerns about AI's potential for misuse, citing instances of Black choreographers being exploited for their work on TikTok.

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