Lindsey Vonn's Journey from Olympic Skier to Miami Resident

Main image to the post Lindsey Vonn's Journey from Olympic Skier to Miami Resident

she despises cold weather. Despite her unparalleled success on the slopes, Vonn has traded the icy mountains for the sunny beaches of Miami, where she now resides permanently.

Vonn's aversion to cold temperatures is so intense that she couldn't bear the thought of living in a frigid climate any longer. "I really don't like the cold at all," she confessed to Business Insider on the red carpet of Time's "Women of the Year" gala in Los Angeles. "I think sometimes I might be a little too hot in Miami, but I would much rather be hot than too cold."

Vonn's decision to relocate to Miami was a major life change, but one that she has never regretted. She now embraces the sunshine and warmth that the city offers, even if it occasionally becomes too hot for her liking.

Since retiring from competitive skiing in 2019, Vonn has embarked on a new chapter in her life, venturing into the corporate world. She has proven to be just as successful off the slopes as she was on them, demonstrating her versatility and determination in a new arena.

Vonn's journey from Olympic skier to Miami resident and corporate executive is a testament to her adaptability and resilience. She has embraced change with open arms, proving that even the most successful athletes can find happiness and fulfillment beyond their chosen sport.

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