Russia-Ukraine War

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When users sign up for exclusive content, they gain access to a personalized feed of top stories in markets, tech, and business. The text outlines Russia's recent use of glide bombs in the conflict with Ukraine, with reports of Moscow dropping 700 of these explosives in just under a week. These glide bombs allow Russia to target Ukrainian forces from a safe distance, posing a significant challenge as they can only be countered by shooting down the aircraft before they release the bombs, thus placing air defenses at risk.

The Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs expressed concern over the widespread use of glide bombs by Russian forces, emphasizing the need for strong air defense systems at the front line. The text details the impact of these attacks, stressing Ukraine's defenses and complicating their ability to allocate resources to other missions. As Russia continues to escalate its use of glide bombs, the need for modern air defense systems like the Patriot missile system becomes increasingly critical to protect Ukrainian territories and civilian centers.

Despite Ukraine's successful downing of some Russian fighter bombers, the country faces challenges with limited air defense supplies, including a shortage of advanced systems like the Patriots. The issue is compounded by delays in US aid to Ukraine, creating a sense of urgency to bolster their defenses against the escalating threat. The Institute for the Study of War warns that a degradation of Ukraine's air defense umbrella could lead to increased Russian airstrikes and potentially devastating consequences for Ukrainian combat capabilities and territorial integrity.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09