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NBCUniversal Joins Google and Meta in Testing Gen AI-driven Ads

Main image to the post NBCUniversal Joins Google and Meta in Testing Gen AI-driven Ads

NBCUniversal has unveiled its venture into the world of gen AI-driven ads, following the footsteps of tech giants like Google and Meta. The media conglomerate shared its use of generative artificial intelligence at One24, its annual tech conference, as a tool to analyze a wide range of TV and social content within its content portfolio, enabling advertisers to target audiences based on their emotions and motivations. Through this approach, NBCU aims to connect themes and storylines that viewers are drawn to with products that they are likely to purchase, presenting a more personalized and effective advertising strategy.

According to John Lee, NBCU's chief data officer, the gen AI-driven ads have displayed significant improvements in targeting effectiveness compared to previous methods based on show titles and genres. By linking viewers' emotional themes with their purchasing behaviors, NBCU has seen a 21% to 49% performance enhancement in targeting the right audience for specific products. This innovative approach allows advertisers to reach consumers on a more personalized level, moving beyond conventional targeting strategies and delving into the emotional connections that drive consumer behaviors.

In an effort to further refine and test this AI-driven ad approach, NBCUniversal is seeking advertisers to participate in beta-testing. The company's focus on leveraging highly produced content distinguishes its strategy from other players in the market, aiming to compete with tech companies that traditionally target individuals closer to the point of purchase. NBCU's foray into utilizing gen AI for advertising reflects its commitment to adapting and innovating in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, setting itself apart with a unique approach that integrates AI analysis with premium, long-form content.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09