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Bernie Moreno's Car Dealership Empire and Views on Diversity Initiatives

Main image to the post Bernie Moreno's Car Dealership Empire and Views on Diversity Initiatives

Bernie Moreno, a candidate for the US Senate seat in Ohio, has built a foundation for his political career on his experience in the auto industry, specifically the car dealership empire he once managed. Widely known for his emphasis on embodying the American Dream, Moreno highlights his journey as an immigrant from Colombia who worked hard and built a successful business without external support, a narrative that he has underlined in his campaign pursuits.

Despite his narrative of self-made success, details have emerged that shed light on the assistance Moreno received from diversity initiatives in the automotive industry. Notably, when Moreno decided to purchase his first dealership in 2005 from Roger Penske, the acquisition came as a result of Mercedes-Benz's push for a minority operator, showcasing how Moreno was a beneficiary of such diversity-focused policies. Although Moreno's personal account indicates that Mercedes-Benz provided a discount to facilitate the sale, the exact nature and extent of this discount remain unclear.

Moreover, while Moreno benefited from diversity considerations in his dealership acquisition, he has expressed opposition to affirmative action programs. His stance against affirmative action aligns with broader Republican attitudes towards diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, as evidenced by recent GOP challenges to such initiatives at both state and federal levels. Despite facing criticism for certain actions during his time as a car dealership owner, including being sanctioned for document destruction amid a wage theft lawsuit, Moreno continues to maintain his platform based on principles of merit and success over diversity-driven policies.

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