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The U.S. Military's Outlook on Towed Artillery and Future Conflict

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At the recent Association of the United States Army's Global Force symposium, U.S. Army Futures Command head Gen. James Rainey discussed the changing landscape of artillery in military operations. Rainey expressed doubts about the continued effectiveness of towed artillery systems, pointing out the need for artillery that can move continuously without the time-consuming displacement period that follows firing, which can put crews at risk.

As the war in Ukraine unfolds, artillery, including towed weapons like the M777 howitzer, has become a critical component of the conflict, with both sides heavily relying on it for indirect fire support. Rainey highlighted the importance of prioritizing highly mobile indirect-fire options and autonomous capabilities that reduce the need for troops to manually load and fire artillery. The general also mentioned the Army's conventional fires study, influenced in part by the events in Ukraine, which aims to identify the necessary capabilities and technologies for future operational theaters.

While towed artillery may be facing doubts about its future utility in the U.S. military, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has showcased the significant use of assets like the M777 howitzer. Despite the support provided to Ukraine in the form of military aid packages containing artillery pieces and ammunition, challenges such as political obstacles in Congress have hindered the continuous flow of support, leading to Ukrainian units facing shortages of artillery shells. Moreover, the conflict in Ukraine has highlighted vulnerabilities in traditional artillery systems, with drones posing a significant threat by easily targeting artillery units and impeding their mobility and ability to reposition safely.

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